What kind of shows do you prefer to produce?

We are looking mainly for musicals that are well written, have a lot of heart and soul, are innovative and have broad appeal. Topics need to strike a chord with Jason Goldstein. He favors musicals that feel very current and today but have musical roots that honor tin pan alley. There should be both an artistic and commercial merit.

I am interested in investing capital into one of your upcoming ventures, how can I be a backer?

Mr. Goldstein is very proud of his MBA and makes sure all of his projects are not only artistic successes but have strong business plans and financial strategies. He has an assortment of innovative opportunities for angels and venture capitalists with investment resources both large and small.

We hear you consult for theater companies/arts groups/businesses. We would love for you to come and help us out. What do you do?

Jason Goldstein has been hired for a variety of consulting projects. He can help with organizational assessment, leadership development, marketing/branding issues, creative/technical production support and other related issues. Jason Goldstein balances business psychology and creative energy to help your organization reach new heights.

I'd love to use your Christmas song at the end of a movie or in a commercial for hot chocolate?

Please submit a request, we are more than happy to oblige.

I'm a writer and would love if you could produce my next show?

Although we do take submissions, the majority of our projects we develop in house. We prefer a pitch e-mail before you send all of your materials. In your e-mail please describe the piece briefly and your credentials. Please include a short outline of the story and a sample song or two. If we think it might be something we're interested in producing, we will contact you for further materials.

I have some brilliant ideas for Chuckleball parodies! Can I send them in?

We do not take parody lyrics from the general public. However, Chuckleball is in fact collaboratively written and we are constantly looking for more writers to assist with the show. Comedic lyricists who are interested in joining the writing team should submit two sample lyrics for review by our production team.

I'm a performer and would love to submit my headshot and resume for consideration in a Jason Goldstein production?

All audition/casting notices are posted in Backstage and on Playbill.com. However, if you'd like to still submit, we will gladly put you in our casting files. You can e-mail, casting@chuckleball.com.

Do you guys have internships available?

Yes we do. Although not required, the majority of our interns are arranged for college credit through Rutgers University.

I'd love to hire Jason to perform a custom cabaret act for my function?

Send us a request and based on his availability, he can put together an unforgetable evening!


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